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SkyMan wants to duke out more!

2009-07-25 04:36:41 by andreasng

Thanks all for the amazing feadback. I did not expect anything to happen, but it thrills me and inspires me fantastically to know so many people have seen the shit I made.

I so want to make another and another, and something completly different, and something similar but in another world etc. But it surely makes it "easier" knowing that alot of people on NG will like it, for the most part.

Hope to upload something again. And thank you all for the amazing reception.

best - AndreasNG /|:i}

SkyMan wants to duke out more!

WTF is up, hope it's not crap

2009-07-16 13:00:20 by andreasng

Sometimes one just need to look through the stuff thats dragging one down, and make it go away.
WTF_Action has been hanging over my head for years and years, and three days ago I decided to just make it over with.

here it is:


hope some like it, and some probably won't.

best Andreasng

WTF is up, hope it's not crap