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SkyMan wants to duke out more!

Posted by andreasng - July 25th, 2009

Thanks all for the amazing feadback. I did not expect anything to happen, but it thrills me and inspires me fantastically to know so many people have seen the shit I made.

I so want to make another and another, and something completly different, and something similar but in another world etc. But it surely makes it "easier" knowing that alot of people on NG will like it, for the most part.

Hope to upload something again. And thank you all for the amazing reception.

best - AndreasNG /|:i}

SkyMan wants to duke out more!

Comments (22)

Has he hit earth yet? He's been falling for quite awhile

9 years actually. and no if a sequel is made, he'll hit earth in that one.

I'm sure Heater will SAVE THE WORLD.

ha! well ever since hl2 i've been pretty sure a heater might be the most awesome weapon of choice in the entire multiverse. Its heavy, it is hard as shit. Incorporation of heater innebetebble... emeddelible.... ibetibeuleu.

Uborghin just gave up the whole storyline!


Totally stoked! Can't wait for it, man!

Ser nice ud (:
Held og lykke med det :p

tark doo:]

No dude, thank you, when I clicked that flash I had no idea I would be watching something as great as that.

Skyman is the freefalling FramebyFrame Madness.

It's great because it looks good and nooby animators can't copy paste your graphics :)


i can't wait! skyman is my hero!

Great to hear! Can't wait to see SkyMan kick even more ass! With the last one being the most badass movie ever, I can't even imagine the sequel!

fingers crossed. ^_^

Kan du anbefale Viborg animations skole ting?

det er den eneste jeg kan anbefale ja.

Man, i think you have made the most insane and intense air battle ever. Your shit rocks. Excuse me while i go google stuff and smash people with a heater.

Does Skyman age? Or is he some immortal being and stay the same age forever? lol idk if this is actually an important question

Soooo...if you continue this will you tell us where Skyman came from and how he got up there in the first place?

I am really excited to see more SkyMan.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes I front paged it twice.

glad to hear it,

i hope he destroys us all


Please do the part two or another flash like this the animation is incredible the sounds fabulous and the insanity great

I like your character designs.

I fucking love your sense of humor. This is an amazing project. You are very devoted and know what you are doing. Keep it up.

is it actualluy benificial to shove a grenade up someones butt?

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