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WTF is up, hope it's not crap

2009-07-16 13:00:20 by andreasng

Sometimes one just need to look through the stuff thats dragging one down, and make it go away.
WTF_Action has been hanging over my head for years and years, and three days ago I decided to just make it over with.

here it is:


hope some like it, and some probably won't.

best Andreasng

WTF is up, hope it's not crap


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2009-07-16 13:31:04

Would it be too much to say that was the best cartoon I've seen all year?


2009-07-16 13:33:48

I saw it and the animation was amazing though I'm quite sure you rushed some parts, don't think we've seen the best of you yet which leads to a question:
How long have you been using flash?
I'll be surprised if you haven't had a previous user to "train" from otherwise you're a genius and that's all there is to it!

Thanks for the animation and hope we'll be seeing more from you again! =)



2009-07-17 09:50:23

holy shit shit shit

that was great

I must have more


2009-07-17 10:30:54

hold kæft "wtf action" var sweet, håber du fortsætter i samme stil!


2009-07-17 13:40:03

I thought it was pretty good :D.
I loved the part where he shoves the 'nade up his ass and they're both just like staring at eachother lolz.


2009-07-17 15:02:55

Hej god animation og så videre sjovt, jeg ser ikke så mange danskere herinde på newgrounds, og slet ikke med deres animationer der kommer på forsiden. Sry for all you other's but he is danish as far i can see.


2009-07-17 21:50:37

Its not crap :D


2009-07-19 14:59:02

Haha, that was wicked. Both in terms of style choices and animation prowess.
You for sure meant 'plummet' towards earth, though. Plunder relates to theft. *cough*. Not to be a dick or anything, just noting.

andreasng responds:

yeah i totally realized that. plunder towards earth. omg lame. heheh. thanks


2009-07-19 19:27:45

It's immense.... but why did you have to call it wtf action lol

andreasng responds:

cus thats exactly what it is heheh.


2009-07-20 21:03:59

Oh, you're danish too.

andreasng responds:



2009-07-23 02:11:58

I loved it. It changed me.

andreasng responds:



2009-07-24 22:28:57

You made my head implode with that movie. It has epicness.

andreasng responds:

thanks. hope to provide more when i get time. which apparently is hard to get. ^_^